Our Services

Our range of services is extensive. Whoever you are, and whatever your needs, the breadth and depth of our experience means we offer the best in personal support. 

Whether you are a multi-million dollar enterprise or a start-up we can advise you on the best approach to ensure you are tax compliant, and tax efficient. 

We believe maintaining your company in good order is a key compliance requirement. 

We provide high quality bespoke advice on the tax implications of different structuring options, such as sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. We can advise on the tax relief available to your business, such as the enterprise investment scheme and the seed enterprise investment scheme. 

We look into how various taxes impact on your company and how to mitigate them, along with an exit strategy, if you are passing your company to family members, and trust and estate planning issues for key individuals, including tax efficient exit strategies and profit extraction. 

The full corporate tax support package that we offer includes: 

  • Complete payroll administration service – from registration to operation
  • Real time information submissions
  • Employee share schemes and tax efficient benefits
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements
  • PAYE settlement agreements
  • Employee expenses policies
  • VAT registration and returns
  • Corporation tax registration and returns
  • Management accounts

Data privacy services are concerned with the appropriate and legal use of personal and sensitive personal data throughout the data’s lifecycle. This includes how data is collected, processed, stored, maintained, protected and disposed of irrespective of the format and systems used. 

We offer comprehensive services for all sizes of organizations to assess and advise on how they manage, protect and process the personal data of both their customers and staff in line with the organization’s legal and regulatory obligations. 

An organization that can clearly demonstrate to its customers that it proactively addresses the individual’s data privacy concerns can inspire customer confidence.  The customer will trust in their organization that personal data is handled and protected in accordance with the organizations legal and regulatory obligations. Knowing that customers can trust the organization offers the potential of new services being adopted by the customer base further enhancing their brand reputation. 

We pride ourselves on acting as a trusted advisor for our clients and being able to interpret privacy legislation and ensure it is practically implemented into our clients’ business operations. 

Our approach to compliance is no different to other information security standards or regulatory requirements. 

The basic principles are: 

  • A clearly defined strategy.
  • Organizational wide controls.
  • Processes and procedures (one of which will be the continual reassessment of the effectiveness of the data privacy/ protection program).

Responding to dramatic changes in consumer viewing behavior and media distribution platforms, as well as evolving sources of ad revenue, YK Consulting provides a combination of strategic, financial and operational expertise for content production and distribution companies, broadcasters and networks. Throughout the world, our professionals have assisted companies, investors, and lenders by providing advanced models and strategies, operations enhancement and advice on acquisition of content rights. We take a comprehensive approach to financial and operational aspects of production and programing, licensing and advertising. 

Our services include: 

  • Financial modelling
  • Film waterfall preparation and analysis
  • Cash flows and forecasting
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis
  • Participations and royalty statements
  • Collections
  • Rights licensing management and implementation
  • Business plan preparation
  • Investment packages and presentations
  • Bank financing and film production financing
  • Collection account agreements
  • Sales agency agreements
  • Corporate and business taxes and tax liaison
  • MD&A preparation
  • Forensic accounting
  • Expert witness and trial analysis

Additionally, YK is available for general business consultation and assistance in any area of film finance or accounting. 

For companies headquartered outside of the United States, penetrating the U.S. market is an important part of any business strategy. The U.S. market is large, homogeneous, and a traditional leader in most product categories. The rewards of a successful U.S. presence can be extremely gratifying. In addition to the U.S. market opportunity, establishing and maintaining market share in the U.S. can play an important role in maintaining technical advantage and market share in your home market. 

Commercial success in the U.S. relies on three factors: a strong product, a comprehensive market entry strategy and a strong distribution and sales network. Unfortunately, many companies have failed in their attempt to enter the U.S. market. In most cases, these companies fail because they lack a clear market entry plan and lack experience in the U.S. market. 

As a strategic operations, advisory, and management consulting firm, YKC can help you: 

  • Fine tune your product for the U.S. market
  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • Plan your market entry, product launch, salesand customer support strategies 
  • Establish and manage sales channels
  • Generate sales, manage relationships, and support marketing

Our team will bring their breadth of experience and knowledge of best practices to work with you and your teams to ensure you get the best return on your expansion investment. Contact us to talk about expanding your business into the United States. 

M&A transactions take significant focus and resources. The potential rewards are high, but so are the risks. Before benefits can be realized, there are many critical decisions and challenges: deal strategy, diligence, integration planning and execution, and achieving optimal performance. That’s where we can help. 

We embrace the challenge of ensuring your transaction is poised for success, tailoring the best solutions and resources to help you realize your goals. This experience, combined with our multidisciplinary approach through industry, operational, and technology expertise, helps dealmakers plan for and manage the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. With experience comes exposure to nearly all industries and types of deals, which means you’ll benefit from leading best practices to help support your growth initiatives. When you partner with our M&A consultants, you can navigate complexities, and capitalize on opportunities—and quickly unlock real value.

In response to demand caused by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, millions of units of medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) are flooding into the United States from China, Europe and beyond.  

These business transactions are not without risk, and it is important that healthcare facilities, universities, corporations − and the individuals who are receiving or purchasing these supplies − mitigate supply risks. 

Some of the key risks and potential solutions to reduce cross-border operational risks. 

  • Legal and regulatory risks
  • Quality and safety: defective, contaminated, secondhand or reused products; products that do not adhere to applicable FDA regulations and standards; unauthorized factory productions or knock-off products; products that are not appropriately audited or inspected for quality, safety, and labeling compliance.
  • Price gouging: global surge in need for medical supplies and PPE has created a spike in middlemen and agents seeking to charge exorbitant prices.
  • Corruption and bribery: potential kickbacks, rebate arrangements, inappropriate commissions; under-the-table payments to government officials and family members; payments to thirdparties and individuals unrelated to the manufacturer or supplier. 
  • Fraud prevention, tax evasion and money laundering: potential involvement in questionable payments to offshore third-party entities; inaccurate orincomplete documentation of goods and services rendered, including documents filed with US Customs and other agencies.

Our professionals can help businesses to ensure that they have sufficiently vetted their partners to confirm that operations are legitimate and not part of a fraud schemeby engaging in the process of scrutinizing suppliers and analyzing proposed business transactions thoroughly, including (but not limited to) the following: 

  • Collect supplier information and documentation: Verify that the company is qualified, in good standing, and that the individuals representing the company are authorized representatives. 
  • Request that the company provide a copy of its business license, proper identification, and other relevant registrations and certifications. Beware of email solicitations.
  • Ask difficult questions up front: Request that suppliers respond to a series of third-party intake questions. This is typically done by having the supplier fill out a Supplier Questionnaire that covers key categorical issues including:
    • background information;
    • qualifications and required licenses;
    • legal and regulatory compliance; and
    • contractual terms and considerations.
  • Background and reputational search: Conduct desktop research on suppliers as well as related individuals and entities. This includes conducting research on significant owners, shareholders and management as well as any affiliated entities, agents, and consultants, and verifying that the information provided is truthful and accurate and check for credit history, financial health, adverse inspectional findings, FDA import alerts, and any prior issues
  • Identify and escalate red flags: Utilize due diligence to measure the level of risk for engaging in the proposed transaction and identify any potential red flags that would prohibit the transaction. If legal, regulatory, or compliance concerns arise, identify whether there is a solution to the issue identified or whether it is a deal breaker

These examples of key issues comprise a significant effort which likely needs to be accomplished in very short order. Our experts, in conjunction with experienced lawyers in our partner firm, carefully review the supplier agreements and terms and will conduct one or more of the due diligence processes such as those as outlined above, seeking to mitigate the issues listed above. 

Additionally, we can also provide secure escrow services for your transactions.